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The Apulian Experience:

The Resort Mulino a Vento (Windmill) is authenticity. Recharge yourself with new energy, get to know the local people, taste the local recipes and wines, discover the ancient crafts, visit incredible places, dance the pizzica and enjoy the culture, traditions and the sea of Salento.

Tasting of the local products:

For you we have selected a wide choice of local producers of oil, wine, cheeses and all that characterizes the Apulian food and wine. The tasting hall of the Wine Bar and our cultural consultant are available to those who want to taste and discover the secrets of the local agricultural production.

Apulian sounds and flavors:

A magical evening where at a large buffet you can taste the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition, prepared with local ingredients and following the original recipes, accompanied by the rhythm of the pizzica.

Dining with us:

On summer evenings, a convivial dinner is held in which our chefs and our housewives prepare fresh dishes with the flavor of Apulia, including barbecues of meat and fish, vegetables, homemade pasta and typical desserts.

Of the Nachiri and merchants:

The guided tour of the underground oil mill Mulino a Vento, is a fascinating experience to discover the world of oil production and trade from the years 1500 to 1800.

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